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Cycling Apparel in Delhi

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There are a few ways we can buy the apparel we want. But first, the List of Delhi dealers is here: http://www.bikeszone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1608 - that said, I advise bibs over regular shorts anyday. FAR more comfortable, esp for fat fellas like me!
So now, the options:

  1. Via dealers: Slightly pricey but WYSIWYG
    Head over to cyclofit or merida, ghitorni or firefox gurgaon (trek shorts for 2.5k or so). Cyclofit has shorts for 2-3 or so and full set for 7.5k. I wouldn't recommend that unless you've got a fair bit to spend - the quality still didn't match my Campagnolo jersey FWIW. Just Bikes & Accessories was speaking of importing similar but Chinese stuff for about 2-3k. Looked quite good/comfortable. If they get it, good.
  2. www.teamscycling.com - pay via paypal for team replica clothing and 15 total day shipping from China
    I am not entirely satisfied with their stuff. Its got top notch looks but its just a wee bit oriented for those in colder climes if you get what I mean. Its not the coolest to wear in the current sultry conditions. Its otherwise the most VFM and fancy out there.
  3. www.4ucycling.com - pay via paypal for team replica clothing and 6-7 total day shipping from China
    Even more VFM than teamscycling - though the premium shipping makes it 10-15% costlier. HOWEVER, the quality is supposedly much better than teamscycling - and I'd take Naru's word for it anyday!
  4. Love2Pedal.com
    Absolutely good stuff at the price. I'll just repaste from my BZ review here: http://www.bikeszone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=7640
    Regarding the product:
    - USP - Good reviews, accepts Paypal & ships affordably
    - Quality is good. See second image below. High quality dual fabric construction & triple density seatpad. Far better than the decathlon stuff I had

    I would heartily recommend it - super value buy. I use it on all my century rides or rides over 50km. Very very comfortable.

    Price: roughly $64 for a pair including shipping. That's about 1500 a piece.
    Dealer: http://www.love2pedal.com - Dan Caplan
    Shipping was about 4 days from the time I booked to it turning up on my office desk. Costed about $7.5 for the shipping among a bunch of items. Order over $100 and it gets upgraded to express mail.
    Service was EXTREMELY prompt - one of the bibs was missed. The very next morning after the order was shipped, Dan emailed me saying that he's shipping this missing item and apologised. And by express mail as well!!
    The packaging was very nice - it even contained a packet of silica gel. His entry level jerseys are again very decent for the price - no experience with his high end jerseys.

  5. Decathlon
    This is more like WYPIWYG - i.e buy cheap and get cheap. No offence to them, but the cycling short I bought from them: http://www.decathlon.in/Cycling-Shorts-SHORT-BIKE-PERFORMEN is truly suited for short rides only. I've done centuries wearing it but suffice to say that after you've used Love2Pedal bibs you just cannot go back to Decathlon shorts. They are just that much better and worth the shipping.
    They have a very VFM tights as well:http://www.decathlon.in/Cycling-Shorts-PERFORMEN-TIGHTS which few others carry - well recommended for winters as the only option. Ofc, if you must buy decathlon - buy it online via lifemojo. Very highly recommended for their lovely prices and awesome customer service!!

In the end, I must also mention my Campagnolo 2007 jersey. I bought it in Pisa for 30EUR(about 70% off) and its by far the best investment I've made. Search for season end closeout on quality original jerseys on http://www.evanscycles.com/ - or trawl through old stock if you go to an overseas LBS. you just cannot beat the quality of these high end jerseys. They are fully worth their price - esp if you pick up a last-of-lot item at a super discount :D

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