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DUAL SIM Mobiles: What to keep in mind?

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Having been the reasonably proud owner of a Fly Circle for the past 10 months, I think its time to share a checklist on must-have things in a DUAL SIM phone:

  • Dual radios - You normally have two SIMs but ONE radio. Consequently, if you are on a long call - you will surely miss calls on the other SIM - your callers will hear "this subscriber is not reachable" messages. But that adds to cost and for most people, ain't happening anytime soon. Onward.
  • Intelligent UI. Dear Fly, Is it too much to expect that every new address book entry must take like 5-6 confirmations?
  • Well designed keypad. Fly has two call buttons (one above the other). In practice, you would prefer an inside-outside setup (as in the Spice QT-55). Other than that its quite quick to use. But hey - are you serious that to enter a number, I can't hold down the Shift key and type it one by one and not at a stretch? Cmon!
  • A real working java implementation? IF that matters to anyone - because Nimbuzz hardly works - is bloody slow
  • A non-tacky browser at par with the video display capability?
  • Is it insane to ask for compatibility with bluetooth GPS devices?
  • The name search is nifty - heck, Nokia can learn a thing or two!

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Story | by Dr. Radut