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Fog Gyan for Delhi Airport

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(dated 2010 but broadly applies IMHO). Else please comment and advise updates.

Here is some other information I wrote for friends recently:
Before planning your travel flight - kindly visit

This link is provided by the Met Department as a rolling 18 hour forecast updated every 6 hours. It has accurate data for the next 6 hours, and directional information for the next 12 hours. This link typically highlights the expected visibility during the period. Visibility is often defined in terms of RVR (Runway Visual Range).

Delhi Airport is CAT IIIb rated for two runways and CAT I for the third (oldest) one. What CAT ratings mean is explained below. Here's a brief summary of the optimum decisions to take under the foggy scenarios:

a. RVR > 550m. This is CAT I. All 3 runways will be operational. Minimum delays and no concern whatsoever.
b. RVR > 300m. This is CAT II. Happens very rarely (and often deteriorates into the next zone). Most aircraft except the likes of Jagson Airlines or old Jetlite planes or MDLR (possibly) should land just fine. I'll detail this further in the next section.
c. RVR >75m. This is CAT III. Happens a few days a year, but throws life out of gear.

With Indigo and better (AI/Jet/KF when it flies) airlines, you wouldn't go wrong. Spicejet is also decent. With other airlines, it'll be tougher.

All international flights are typically fine. They train and roster enough pilots on CATIIIb compared to Indian carriers (who need almost 80-100 or more)

The same is borne out of anecdotal evidence rather than a statistical survey so your mileage may vary.

d. RVR < 75m. Operations would be halted. Please cancel/rebook your flights - operations are worst hit during 0200 to 0700 hours with effects often lasting up till 1000-1100 hours (at times). Flights operating in Delhi noon or later should be fine. However, they may still be cancelled if the incoming aircraft is delayed. This particularly halts all international operations - so please plan well.

DISCLAIMER - I have no commercial affiliation and its entirely anecdotal evidence. I do not stand to gain anything from your choices - I'm not invested in any stocks either. And if you feel i'm wrong - feel free to share latest data to the contrary :)

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Story | by Dr. Radut