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Android App Recommendations

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This summarizes my journey in the Android app world and is a quick review of the apps I have used - for detailed reviews, there's google. It is written/updated as of December 2011 and may jolly well be worthless by 12/12. That said, let's dive headfirst into Android Apps.


Productivity Apps
This category delves into applications which improve your work, efficiency etc.

  • DoIt.im
    What I like?
    • Available across desktop and mobile devices (unlike the awesome but terribly pricey MyLifeOrganized)
    • Free
    • Nice widgets
    • Customizable sync - you can setup sync frequency etc (yes i'm a battery weenie)

    What I don't like?

    • Crappy alarm facilities - I tend to not look at the phone all the time so I would prefer integrating it with an alarm like Alarm Clock Extreme
  • Astrid Tasks
    What I like?
    • Syncs with Google etc so data is backed up
    • Decent GTD implementation
    • Free
    • REALLY PERSISTENT. In a good way. You can run but you cannot hide from an Astrid reminder :)

    What I don't like?

    • GTasks Sync isnt the best ever (unlike DoIt.im)
  • Swiftkey X
    What I like?
    • Delivers the goods - true AI 'social' experience.
    • Learns words from your email, twitter everything. bye bye relearning user dictionary with a custom ROM upgrade
    • I got it cheap in the app sale :D
    • It gets the language right - I type "I am hi" and it will soon suggest "Hitanshu Gandhi here from Gurgaon." Because it has seen the pattern. Similarly with specific sentence constructs and sentences it picks them up 'smartly'. I am truly happy with its intelligence.

    What I don't like?

    • Bit slow to come up - noticeable delay - GB keyboard was quicker to turn up.
    • Only 3 suggestions - can we have 4 or 5 pls?
    • With completely new sentence construction it does become a bit inefficient (simply because of 3 suggestions - with 5 that should not be a problem). But its not a big issue for most.
    • Not really optimized for twitter - amsure they would have something on that in a future release!
  • Alarm Clock Extreme
    What I like?
    • Its totally customizable - alarm volume, tone, snooze/dismiss settings (I love math mode)
      Its really painful and makes you wake up.

    What I don't like?

    • It doesn't seem to integrate with other applications - ideally i would like to link it to the Calendar (or if the functionality is there, please drop me a line)

    I would suggest paying for the paid version if you are a heavy alarm-dependent user

  • MyLifeOrganized
    What I like?
    • Its made for GTD and has a really nice interface - it does everything you need - contexts, projects et al
    • Its the best tool for GTD, with DGT-GTD coming in a close second and DoIt.im behind but DoIt scores in other areas

    What I don't like?

    • E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E

    I used the beta so cannot comment on the final PRO version.

  • Our Groceries
    What I like?
    • Its a very nice interface - click to mark an item as bought
    • Look up an item matching the word you are typing - so I type "to" and it shows "Tomatoes" for me to click on.
    • Multiple shopping lists in the free version!

    What I don't like?

    • It should be able to display the current list as it is (with half the items completed) vs striking them off completely. I can sometimes mark some item as bought and then forget what item was that!
  • Keyboard should have the option to suggest words for autocomplete - in this app you need to type the words fully IF they have not been in a shopping list before.

    This category delves into applications which improve your work, efficiency etc.

    • FieldRunners HD
      What I like?
      • Lovely classical tower defense game - ADDICTIVE!
      • Relentlessly crazy even in the easy-classic setup. I have no guts to try out the hard-relentless setup
      • Cute graphics esp while playing in the fast forward mode.

      What I don't like?

      • Levels are too tough - i am yet to win after hours, but i don't care beyond a point. its FUN :)
    • Flick Golf
      What I like?
      • Nice quality graphics
      • Easy intuitive gameplay
      • Beautiful scoring system - but fairly biased towards backspin - i once got 1000 pts extra courtesy a lovely backspin shot.

      What I don't like?

      • Needs atleast 2x more levels.
      • Later Levels are too tough - i am yet to win after hours and hours. I mean, in the timed 80sec rounds, how can a user make 20,000 points to unlock the higher levels. Zimbly ridiculous.

      Again bought during the Android app sale, but i would definitely recommend it even at the full price. Perfect game to while away hours on the throne.

    • Baseball Superstars 2011
      What I like?
      • Simple brainless game - just select exhibition match and quick game and you're done.
      • Decent timepass when you're on the throne

      What I don't like?

      • Graphics are pretty much crap. Remind you of old time mario etc
      • Half the hits are either foul or you get caught out in AI mode. Meh.
      • Too many clicks needed in general

      Got it for 10cents, its not worth much more than that - unlike games like asphalt or fieldrunners!!

    • Captain America
      What I like?
      • Good reasonably nice graphics
      • Responsive game engine
      • Lots of levels
      • I got it cheap in the app sale :D

      What I don't like?

      • Simpler gameplay - don't feel very involving like a typical FPS - atleast in the initial rounds the enemies just stand there and its not too much fun.
      • Downloading the 250mb game data required way too many restarts

      Not that great a purchase at MRP - i'd recommend the twice as costly but more fun Asphalt6 HD anyday - that felt far more engaging :)

    Super-user applications
    This category delves into applications which can turbocharge what is allowed with the phone or notetc.

    • AdFree
      What I like?
      • Just install, reboot and your phone is now ad-free :)

      Nothing to not like. Install and forget :)

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