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Replicating a dual partition USB stick for Android Phones with Link2SD

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So here is my issue. I had a 2GB SD card partitioned into 1+1GB (FAT32, Link2SD).

Why did I have it?
FAT32 partition for data
Link2SD partition for installing applications because of the Chacha's terrible internal memory setup

I got myself a 8GB class 10 SD card and had to replicate the above setup. But windows can only see the 1st primary partition on a USB drive. So what I did was as follows:
a. Copied FAT32 data as it is
b. Used BOOTICE to flip the currently active primary partition. go "Parts Manage" > "ReFormat USB disk" (don't worry, it won't "format" the USB) > choose the dropdown option for your new first partition > click "Set Accessible" and it's done already! After that you can just click cancel/close/etc. Source
c. Installed ext2 drivers from http://www.fs-driver.org/
d. Connected both phone and new microSD card (via reader) - made sure the active primary partition was set to the ext2 partitions. Then copied the data.
e. Swapped the active primary partition again (without it phone had problems).

Voila. The phone works like normal and all apps work as previously.

PS: To setup the partitions, use http://www.snapfiles.com/downloads/pwizhome/dlpwizhome.html

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