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Why I fly Spicejet

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... if I am flying with my own money that is.


IF you are getting late - just call the customer care and they will do all possible incl printing boarding pass, getting u a decent seat, ushering through security et al. Done that for self, and few friends multiple times.

No other low cost or full fare airline does that consistently and with as much success.

If its indigo, forget any sort of support - atleast at Delhi Airport. They don't even have the courtesy to send an autoresponder reply to a stinker about customer service. You call ANY of their airport office numbers and not ONE gets picked up - you can't even manage to get them to print your ticket and keep it ready for you.

Take that from someone who flew Indigo at least 30 times in FY09.

PS: I have nothing but plaudits for Indigo's efficiency and service otherwise - but where it matters the most - getting me on the plane - they fail miserably. Their flight timings are by far the most convenient, second only to Jet

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Story | by Dr. Radut