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This information is dated July 2008. Do update me if you know better!

Getting there
Reasonably straightforward from the main Sikkim road.
The FUN part is getting there from Darjeeling through Ghoom (7407 ft) via Teesta Bazar (700ft) in all of 12 km. Needless to say, amazing vistas guaranteed. Don't take the other route.

What to see
7th mile view point - Panoramic view of Teesta from here
Flower nurseries as well as Cactus nursery - Simply fun and amazing. Feast for botanical lovers
Tharpa Choling monastery - Very nice. Lovely views of Kanchenjunga (wouldn't you have guessed? :p)

The whole town itself is a nice chillaxed place to be! Just a completely chillaxed place. Unlike Darjeeling - NO diesel fumes in this place!

There is one main hotel (Shivam?) in the main bazar (frequented by foreigners as well - lovely restaurant) next to the taxi parking besides others like Silver Oaks (3800-4100), Kaffer Tourist lodge (600-700), Lava Lodge (600), Parijat (450-1000).
Expect 20-30% discount off season

Other hotels: (STD code: 03552)
Himalayan Hotel (Rs 2400-4100) 255248
JP Lodge (Rs 500-950) 255304
Anjali (Rs 550-750) 259795
Garden Rich (Rs 625 - 775) 260643
Bethelehem (Rs 450-750) 255185
Munal Lodge (Rs 300-700) 255404
Paramount (Rs 250-700) 255037

In the bazar, there is ONE shop run by a kolkata marwari family. Absolutely STEAL prices. You can blindly buy anything there without bargaining - its sikkimese stuff is cheaper than you can buy in Sikkim. And as always, I will go there again - I have no affiliation!

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Story | by Dr. Radut