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The information here is dated July 2009


Just one route goes up the mountain. If in doubt, take the route that heads towards the golu mandir (on the left side towards dharamkot from bhagsu).

You can also ride a bike/alto up the route. There is a dirt track that comes up from dharamkot as per locals. I saw several bikes.

Not a problem. You have enough shops every half an hour. Guesthouses at bhagsu, then golu mandir, then about 3-4 of them an hour's trek upwards.

Buy water, though. No streams were running in July despite rains.

At the dhabas:
– DONT take the dal chawal (useless at 50)
– The paranthas as super value at 25 apiece.
– Add in about 5 bucks/15-20% extra for food.
– The same Dairy Milk chocolate i paid 25 for, a foreigner was asked for 30. YMMV
– Snickers is on sale for 40 bucks apiece but I'd recommend FiveStar/Bar One as value for money given the numbers you'll end up consuming!!

ESSENTIAL. Negotiate at bhagsu or dharamkot itself. I paid 200 bucks one way for the porter. My back was in severe pain (controlled via Sujok) till a porter was found midway! You need to pay 100 bucks for his food/stay in the dhaba tent as well.

There is Hotel Heena (proprietor Mr Hans 98168 57424) ahead of Dharamkot at the beginning of the main climb for Triund. He can give you the number for Mr Suresh mentioned below as well as porters.
a. Go upto Dharamkot. At the T point at the entrance of the vipassana place, take Right.
b. The road twists turns a couple of km, and reaches a dead end, where there's a VERY sharp concrete road moving uphill.
c. Take the concrete road. At the end of it is Hotel Heena (parking for 3-4 cars).

You have a total of three (max four tents) between two dhaba walas as well as rooms at the FRH (always full). With mcLeodganj being popular with foreigners you can always expect crowds.

They cost 300 from the suresh gent, 500 from the other fellow (with the pesky dog). You can even stay inside their "dhaba shacks". There are a couple of shops on the way who can send a boy up with a tent if u require. Costs, I'm not aware.

Suresh ji is THE man. He'll take good care.

Pics of the tent here:

With stuff like that - it's useless to even try planning. Just Do it.

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